torsdag 18 april 2013

Så kallade "Facepalms"

Ibland vet jag inte om jag ska skratta eller gråta över mänskligheten...
- Sometimes I don´t know wether to laugh or cry at humanity

"Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex during pregnancy?"

"Who needs oil? I ride the bus"

"What is Obamas last name? President Obama.....?"

"Does it rain in Australia? Me and my friend are having an argument. She says that it rains in Australia but that can´t be. Obviously. The rain falls at the top of the world and at the bottom of the world the rain would fall out into space. How can I make her understand?"

" Lost my phone. If anyone would find it, please call or text me"

"My professor´s so stupid. He just said that the sun is a star! The sun is a sun, not a star.
- The sun IS a star
- No it´s not. That´s like saying tomato is a fruit or apple is a vegetable
- Tomato IS a fruit"

"If the world is millions of years old, then why is it only 2013?"

"To all hunters who kill their food. Shame on you. You ought to go to the grocery and buy your meat there where no animals have been harmed"

"How do I do a heart if I can´t turn the 3 around? 3>?"

"How do you google something?"

"If God isn´t real how come the American flag has 50 stars, and America has exactly 50 states. Check Mate Atheists"

" I don´t eat lobsters, They are alive when you kill them"

"My printer wont print .gif´s properly? I´m trying to print a .gif but whenever I print it our the picture doesn´t move. Am I doing something wrong?"

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