torsdag 3 augusti 2017

Whatever,you can´t sit with us! / Clueless FCS Fall Box 2017

Totally Grool - OCD Hand Sanitizer 
What we meant to say was cool,then started to say great. Right. Well...grool. So it´s like if you take really cool scents of amber and pumpkin peppercorn spice and add it to subtle hints of great pink bubblegum, you get this TOTALLY grool OCD Hand Sanitizer that will turn germies into cold,shiny,hard plastic. 
Min näsa: Sött! Godis? 

Boo,As If - Whipped Cream 
Let´s face it. Everyone is going to want to borrow your new whipped cream when they smell it. Just say theese three words and they´ll get the hint. Be selfish with scents of lemon butter shortbread lightly drizzled with caramel (butter is a carb by the way... but WHATEVER.) 
Min näsa: Kola!! Vattnas i munnen-gott!

Way Fetch - Perfume Oil
We just made fetch happen. Now you´ll always want it to happen. And fetch is flirty,fresh apples, sugar berries,plum blossoms and sea salt. You´ll be sorry that people are so jealous of you...but you can´t help it that you´ll smell so good and they just have to deal with their designer imposter perfume. 
Min näsa: Den luktar gott men oidentifierbart gott? Lite sött,lite kryddigt, lite fruktigt, lite blommigt, mycket parfymigt

So Vintage- Foaming Sugar Scrub 
I love this sugar scrub, tell everyone where you got it. This vibrant yellow foaming sugar scrub will let you be the center of attention with scents of cinnamon,flaky caramelized pie crust, and vanilla bean. It screams VINTAGE! So adorable. 
Min näsa: KANEL!! 

Crushin´ - Leave-In Conditioner
Please girl,we can see you are totally crushin` for this scent. You´ll use any excuse just to use this leave-in conditioner every day. Fall totally butt crazy in love with spraking pears,lemon drops,golden honey and red lollipops! Your hair will be so big, it´s full of secrets!
Min näsa: Jordgubb?

On Wednesday´s We Wear Pink - Lip Tint 
Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good and on Wednesday´s you´ll wear this lip tint, or maybe every day if you can. This lip tint tastes like French vanilla flavored cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would use it and be happy. 
Min näsa: Vanilj. Kaka? 

Burn Book - Bath Bomb
Dealing with a day that was way harsh or with people that are snobs and a half? Raise your hand if you´ve been personally victimized by any mean girl. Muddled raspberries and fluffy melted marshmallows are going to make you feel less like a grotsky littly byotch and transform into being really pretty. You´ll agree. You´ll think you´re really pretty. 
Min näsa: Hallon? 

Vally Girl - Fortune cookie soap 
OMG, this classic FCS will have you totally buggin`! Be highly selective with this perfect scent of pomegranate cider, citrus zest , and airy cotton candy. You´ll be so sure to want this to be like your new signature scent. You go Glen Coco! 
Min näsa: sött fruktigt

Favoritdoft: Boo As If / So Vintage
Favoritprodukt: Whipped Cream
Nytt att testa? Foaming Sugar Scrub och Leave-in conditioner

Hur har det gått med föregående box? 
OCD Hand Sanitizer - Köar
Whipped Cream- använder
FCS- Köar
Shimmer Perfume Oil - Använt, kvar
Exfoliating Body wash -Innehåller Valnötter, allergisk så den ska lämnas till en vän
Lip scrub- använt, kvar
solid foot scrub- ej använd ännu
Facial cleansing Oil - inte använd ännu 

Jag är inte sponsrad. Jag beställde och betalade själv för att jag såg det som ett roligt och enkelt sätt att skämma bort mig själv med lite nya produkter.  Jag är en sådan person som bara köper de hudprodukterna jag behöver, som läppbalsam,tandkräm och tvål och som inte skämmer bort mig för jag tycker det är "onödigt".

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