måndag 6 november 2017

One Ring To Rule Them All - Winter Soap Box 2017- Last Quarterly Box

Evenstar - OCD Hand Sanitizer
What´s this? Some germs caught of their guard? Do not fear them. Those germs choose a mortal life. If you want this hand sanitizer, come and claim it. We know you´d rather have one ounce of hand sanitizer, than face all the germies of this world alone. Rain-soaked petals atop dark wild iwy growing over Rivendell with light cedarwood, jasmine and creamy muguet accentuate this OCD. It is ours to give to whom we will, like our hearts... 
If you leave this scent now... You will regret it forever...

Min näsa: Skog/ört/växt... Grönt? Är det en doft? Lite blommigt och kryddigt men mest grönt

Middle Earth - Bath Bomb
The world is changed... you´ll feel it in the bathwater, you´ll feel it in the earth, and you´ll smell it in the air. There is still some good scent in this world and it`s worth fighting for! Close your eyes and transport your senses to the greens of Imladris, Lothlorien, Fangorn Forest, or even the Shire with scents of warmed Longbottom leaf, frosted silver birch atop the Misty Mountains,blue juniper bushes of Pelennor fields, and subtle hints of citrus. 

Min näsa: Växter? Gräs med någon ört? 

You Shall Not Pass! - Tea Light
You are a servant of the Secret Fire. Wielder of the Flame of Arnor. the dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the shadows with scents of cashmere musk, french pear, tarragon, caramel, Old Toby smoke clinging to an old grey cloak and firewood doused in magic. All you have to decide is what to do with the scents we have given you. Now... Fly, you fools!

Min näsa: Diskret lite kryddig, lite rökig

Mellon - Shampoo Bar 
Speak,friend, and enter! Never thought you´d die fighting bad smells side by side with an elf... but we say,what about side by side with a friend? Scents of Mirkwood myrrh,neroli,burning incense of Moria, elderberry herbal tea, ginger and fresh morning dew on the hills of Hobbiton. These scents can´t carry your burdens for you, but they can carry you, leaving your hair as perfect as the Elves. A day may come when the scents of FCS fail but it is not this day. This day we smell good! 

Min näsa: Rökelse!! Väldigt väldigt starkt

My Precious - Fortune Cookie Soap 
It´s mine.. my own. My Precious. But wait! 
LOST! OUR PRECIOUS IS LOST! You are the ringbearer now... and we swear to serve the master of the precious. We swear on..on..the precious! The FCS came to you with scents of spiced cranberries,mandarin,patchouli and linen,bergamot,tea leaves, and honey. You´ll wants it. You´ll NEEDS IT! So bright, so beautiful... my preciousss...Keep it secret. Keep it safe. 

Min näsa: Apelsin...citrusaktigt

Kingsfoil- Cuticle Butter
When the Black Breath blows and death´s shadow grows and all light pass, come athelas! Life of the dying in the King´s hand lying. Do you know the Athelas plant? It may help soothe the poison. The scents of lemon zest,iced raspberry blossoms,wild Numenor mint, moss, and watered grass will leave even your mind at ease. The scents of the king are the scents of a healer. We give this cuticle butter to Men, we keep none for ourselves. Put aside the Ranger. Becoma who you are born to be. 

Min näsa: Citron och örtigt, rent-rengöringsmedel ( påminner tyvärr mig om Bonjour) 

I Am No Man! - Perfume Oil 
Smell like a daughter of kings, a shieldmaiden of Rohan and fulfil the prophecy that no man can kill the Witch King. Fear neither death nor pain with scents of sultry dark amber, delicate lilies growing on the plains outside Edoras, white sandalwood, and wild strawberries of the fields where the Rohirrim rides free. 

Min näsa: Sött,blommigt,kryddigt,lite mörkare doft

Second Breakfast - Whipped Cream 
You´ve had one, yes. What about second breakfast? This will be a scent to remember, one of special magnificence! Maple butter, tonka bean, spiced eggnog french toast, with berries and cream beneath the party tree of the Shire. Now all we need is a few good taters. You´ll want this whipped cream for elevensies, luncheon,afternoon tea, dinner AND supper! Now sit on this field of victory and enjoy a few well-earned comforts. This whipped cream is particularly good!

Min näsa: Lönnsirap! Pannkakor! Väldigt,väldigt sött men lite bakdoft under

Favoritdoft: Second Breakfast
Favoritprodukt: Perfume Oil & Whipped Cream
Ser fram emot att testa: Cuticle Butter

Hur har det gått med föregående box?
Allt utom badbomben köar- badbomben gavs bort

Detta är den sista boxen, de kommer att sluta med kvartalboxarna och bara köra månadsboxar.

Jag är inte sponsrad. Jag beställde och betalade själv för att jag såg det som ett roligt och enkelt sätt att skämma bort mig själv med lite nya produkter.  Jag är en sådan person som bara köper de hudprodukterna jag behöver, som läppbalsam,tandkräm och tvål och som inte skämmer bort mig för jag tycker det är "onödigt".

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