tisdag 23 maj 2017

A Pirates Life For Me - FCS Sommarbox 2017

Walk The Plank - OCD Hand Sanitizer
Bind those germs up & send them down to Davy Jones´ Locker. Make those germies walk the plank with scents of oak aged bourbon, fresh grown Caribbean sugar cane, sparkling pomelo, dried tobacco sprinkled with mandarin zest and a yo ho ho!
Min näsa: Rom? Lite rökigt och någon citrusfrukt

Monkey Business - Whipped Cream
MONKEY! Assist your skin through all sorts of trials and have a little fun with it. Moisturize even the most stubborn skin with scents of zesty lemon, pineapple, and warm banana almond cake!
Min näsa: Vanilj-Banan

Bring Me That Horizon - Fortune Cookie Soap
Heave to, and sail onward towards the beauty that dances and sparkles across the sea, letting the scents of sweet cactus pear, desert ghost flowers, water lilies, top notes of sea mist and warm sands allow you to drift out to the sunset
Min näsa: Sött blommigt - Lilja? 

Mermaid Tears - Shimmer Perfume Oil 
Your heart will be pierced by Cupid, you´ll disdain all glittering gold. There´s nothing that will console you, save your Johny Sailor Bold. transform into the beautiful mermaid that you are with this shimmering perfume oil that enchants the senses with scents of delicate sugar cane and morning dew across the lagoon. 
Min näsa: Citrus

Black Pearl - Exfoliating Body Wash 
This isn´t just a soap to clean your body. What this exfoliating body wash really is...is freedom from smelling like a dirty pirate. Liberate your skin from the curse with scents of fresh tropical pineapple,pink pepper, fresh cuban tobacco, sensual suede and ligt notes of peony and jasmine and restore it to it´s former glory of ruling the seven seas. 
Min näsa: Kryddig banankaka! 

Parlay - Lip Scrub 
Invoke the right of parlay laid down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew who clearly favor lime and coconut flavors and negotiate a treaty with your lips, upholding your own ambitions of soft lips unhindered by the harsh sea
Min näsa: Lime! 

Calypso - Solid Foot Scrub 
Release your feet from their human bonds and indulge yourself like the true goddess you are and bring together the nine scents of eight of the Brethren Court - peach blossoms, juicy berries, precious floral hearts, sugary amber,vanilla musk, ripe fig. 
Min näsa: Vanilj, kryddigt,sött

Aqua De Vida - Facial Cleansing Oil
Does your face look like it´s seen the fountain of youth? Well maybe not yet, but after one simple wash with this facial cleansing oil, it will! Sweet coconut and spiced rum will wash away the years and leave your skin glowing
Min näsa: kokos-lime-drink? 

Favoritdoft: Black Pearl 
Favoritprodukt: Whipped Cream
Ser fram emot att testa: Lip Scrub

Hur har det gått med föregående box?
Detangler - Snart slut , tyvärr!! 
Fortune Cookie Soap - Inte påbörjat 
Whipped Cream - Halva kvar
Lip tint - Inte testat
OCD - Köar
Ljus - Inte använt
Toner Tablet - Inte använd
Perfume - använd, mycket kvar

Jag är inte sponsrad. Jag beställde och betalade själv för att jag såg det som ett roligt och enkelt sätt att skämma bort mig själv med lite nya produkter.  Jag är en sådan person som bara köper de hudprodukterna jag behöver, som läppbalsam,tandkräm och tvål och som inte skämmer bort mig för jag tycker det är "onödigt".

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